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A Portrait Picture is made to last! It will accompany you
for lifetime and can be passed on from generation to generation!

Unique hand-drawn portrait pictures based on a photo!

A great gift for yourself,
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A personal Portrait Picture in your own 4 walls gives your home an expression of well-being and agreat harmony. It creates a warm and fascinating living ambience in the center of your home and will draw everyone's attention. Especially if it is a Portrait of EllenART!





About the artist



My name is Alena. I was born on September 26, 1994 in Russia in a small town called Marx on the banks of the Volga. I am the oldest of three siblings.Since my early childhood, my parents have told me that I am a very warm person and I have an incredible charisma. This is probably why I got the nickname "Ellen Sunbeam", under which I still perform as an artist.When I was young I was a headstrong and very independent person. My hobbies included Embroidering, knitting, riding and dancing until I started drawing in 2010.At that time, when we suffered a severe blow to our family, I had to cope with my feelings in my own way. With deep pain I pulled myself back inside. However, my thoughts never let go and I tried to distract myself from my pain with all kinds of activities.One day I felt a great zest for action inside. I intuitively picked up an old pencil and a sheet of printer paper and started drawing. It felt as if my soul wanted and guided it as if by magic. The feeling was incredible when my innermost feelings took shape on the sheet of paper.At that moment I felt that pictures are more than just simple drawings. Images are an expression of feelings; Portraits tell whole stories about people.So I started drawing on August 4th, 2010. This whole process overwhelmed me so much that I literally immersed myself in the wonderful world of "life on paper" for days and discovered a whole new talent in me.

Due to my iron will to draw faces perfectly on a sheet of paper, but also after hard work, I quickly learned from my initial mistakes and continuously improved. With every picture I drew on paper I got better and better and developed very quickly. My family and those around me were amazed when my pictures became more and more vivid and professional.When I stumbled across a video in which Megan Fox painted a picture, I was so fascinated that I also wanted to record my portrait drawings on video. The special thing about this video was that it was recorded in a time-lapse and thus went through the entire painting process of the picture within a few minutes.

I learned independently how to record the painting processes of my pictures and how to cut them back together in a time grid. I then opened a YouTube account and uploaded the video to my profile. I was so overwhelmed when I saw that countless people liked my video and flooded me with countless comments, reading through each one.I was so excited about the joy and compliments of everyone that I started creating more videos myself and uploading them to my channel.Over time, more and more videos became available. My pages have been visited millions of times and viewed and commented on by enthusiastic people. The number of my fans grew more and more.I also started exhibiting my works and also held public master classes for students. Thanks to the loving support of my family, which gave me a lot of strength and self-confidence, but also thanks to my friends and all those close to me, I was able to continue on this path even in difficult times.

I am an autodidact who is passionate about learning and perfecting new and unknown areas in life. This is always a new challenge for me.

My Motto is, "There are no limits to perfection!"

I develop myself every day and incorporate my imagination and dreams into myself and my works. I share my feelings, emotions and ideas with the people around me.

I am particularly pleased that my work inspires and makes people happy. Giving something back to someone in the form of creativity is my gift to them. To be able to let go of former thoughts and feelings from the past, drawing and painting has become a fascinating world for me and other people.



of art works



of Creativity & Inspiration!






Sale of paintings from The SwissArtExpo exhibition

This year I took part in the international Art Festival in Switzerland.And now I can officially
present my paintings, which you can buy. Both originals and copies (posters) of each work are available for purchase

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Order video process of your portrait !

On request, you can order the entire manufacturing process (speed drawing process) of your portrait recorded on a video. I will edit the video personally for you!

This record is also a special memory! You and your friends will still enjoying it in many years to come and always remember when you are looking at your portrait picture how it’s done!



Hand drawn
Portraits Pictures

Drawn from a Picture on Special Paper with Charcoal Pencils, Pastel Pencils and Watercolor Paints. Sealed with Protective Varnish for a long absence. No presence required. Just send one picture!

Art Print
on Canvas

Drawn on a graphic tablet and printed on High Quality cotton canvas. With attached subframe on the back.

Why a Portrait Picture of Ellen Art?

✔ Individual Requests

Everyone has their own taste.
All your wishes and ideas will taken into account and integrated into your own Portrait!

✔ Authentic Artist Art Work

Unique and Personal Artist Style and Execution!

✔ High quality

The Portrait retains appearance in relation to the Original Photo
Use of High Quality materials
All Bictures are covered with a Protective Layer.

✔ Delivery

Your picture will be sent well protected by sourier service «SDEK » or the Russian Postparcel delivery.


Steps in the Working Process


Send one or more pictures by email and describe your wishes and ideas about how your future portrait picture should look.


First I create a sketch of your portrait. If there are several people, their
arrangement. After your approval I will finish the picture with all details according to your wishes.


You will receive photo reports in stages through out the drawing process. So you can continuously look over my shoulder and keep track of the stage in which your portrait picture is.


Now follows the last changes and your approval of the layout. If it is a hand-drawn portrait, it is now covered with a protective / fixing spray.


As soon as the layout of your portrait is finished, it will be passed on for further processing. Now your picture is printed on canvas, stretched and the fasteners and the back wall glued.


Finally send us your correct recipient address sand we will send you the package immediately!


Art print on canvas

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Available formats of hand-painted portrait pictures

Graphic Portraits
(Art Print on Canvas)

Printed on expensive and proven printing machines using original ink and real canvas.

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